Why Angus Beef?

Angus beef is known for its excellent meat quality and just the right balance of lean and fat.
American Angus beef, in particular, is raised on corn and other grains and has less odor than grass-fed beef.
The beef is tender, making it ideal for steaks.

At Beefy’s, we carefully select and serve the most popular filet, sirloin, and ribeye. The tenderness of the filet and the flavor of the moderate fat are particularly special.

Only charcoal grilling can "condense the flavor."

Beefy’s is committed to charcoal grilling. By quickly sizzling thick meat over a high-temperature direct flame, excess fat is removed and the flavor of the meat is locked in and not lost.
The net-like grill marks created by the griller stimulate the appetite, and the charcoal flavor also enhances the dish.

The recommended degree of doneness is medium rare, which allows you to taste the true flavor of the meat.
While the surface of the meat is seared at high temperature, the inside of the meat is also slowly cooked using the far-infrared effect of charcoal. As soon as you bite into the meat, the juices overflow and the condensed flavor spreads in your mouth.

Start drinking wine at Beefy's.

One of the things I particularly recommend at Beefy’s is the wine selection.
Our staff, all of whom are certified sommeliers, have carefully selected and prepared a wide range of wines to match our meat dishes, as well as affordable and easy to drink wines, and rare wines that are not readily available.

If you are having trouble choosing a wine, please feel free to ask our staff.
We sometimes stock limited edition items that are not on the menu. We also have a selection of beers and tropical cocktails, so you are welcome to come in just for a drink.

A special space where you can be free from everyday life

At Beefy’s, we are very particular about the seaside location, the interior of the American restaurant, and the furnishings so that you can enjoy not only the food but also the dining experience itself, the “best time”.

Our service staff is also looking forward to serving you with hospitality to make your time with us special.
We look forward to seeing you at Beefy’s.